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Artwork Specifications

To Ensure the best reproduction of your artwork, please follow these requirements.

Tender Edge requires press-ready artwork in a PDF format. It must include bleed, trim marks and images at 300 dpi at actual size.

  • Supplying files types other than PDFs will incur additional processing charges.
  • If your job is not to be printed in spot colour you must convert all spot colours to process (CMYK)

Other File Formats

Discuss with your Tender Edge salesperson prior to supplying any other file format.


When supplying or designing in programs such as Word, Powerpoint and Excel the final product will differ from the artwork supplied. These are not professional design programs and can give unexpected colour and fonts may be replaced. The placement of objects and text may also be greatly affected. Tender Edge takes no responsibility for incorrectly supplied artwork or artwork created in non-professional design programs.


Files that have used a special plug-in can only be accepted as press-ready PDFs.

General Printing Specifications

PDF Compliance

  • Please use PDF Version 1.4
  • Ensure all files are flattened (flattening options turned on).
  • Supply multiple page PDF with 1 up artwork on each page.
  • Ensure artwork is centered in document.

BLEED 3mm bleed added to all sides

OVERPRINTS Overprints must be turned off

SAFE ZONE Keep text and important images minimum 3mm in from the trimmed edge. (Make the safe zone larger for books especially on the left and right margins to allow for creep. See Book Specs.)

TRIM MARKS Include trim marks with your PDFs


  • Images is to be 300 dpi
  • CMYK images supplied (no RGB, LAB, PMS colours)
  • Combined colour ink density should not exceed 300%
  • No ICC colour profiles will be used


FONTS All fonts must be embedded or converted to outlines before creating a PDF to avoid issues.



SPOT COLOUR We require the spot colour nominated in your file. If you job is not to be printed in spot colour you must convert all spot colours to process (CMYK)

CMYK / FULL COLOUR Use CMYK and not RGB. Convert all spot colours to CMYK in full colour jobs. Leaving spot colours within CMYK printed jobs can have disastrous results especially if transparencies are included on both offset and digital presses.

Blacks Solid black areas should be made up of 20% Cyan and 100% Black to give a strong deep colour.

Folding Fold panels for A4-DL should be set from left to right 98-99-100 (outside) and 100-99-98 (inside).




Book Specifications

BOOK LAYOUT Supply your artwork for books as single pages. (The Tender Edge Print pre-press team will paginate books once artwork has been received.) To help with finishing all page numbers, non bleed images and text should be kept at least 10mm from the trims. We advise you to allocate a 5mm bleed on all booklet jobs

CREEP In a saddle-stitched booklet the bulk of pages will extend further than the outside pages when folded. This is called ‘creep’. The book is trimmed when closed and the inner pages are narrower than the outer pages. Tender Edge will allow for this in our print setup of your job. When creating books it is essential to give a generous safe zone allowance on the left and right sides of each page. Remember the bigger the book or thicker the stock, will mean the bigger the creep.


Flight Check We strongly recommend a flight checking application is used to check the integrity of the PDF prior to sending to Tender Edge.